Today, Congressman Adam Smith, Chair of the Air and Land Forces subcommittee, voted in support of the FY 2011 National Defense Authorization Act, a bill which makes record investments in our nation’s military. In addition to providing a 1.9 percent pay raise for our military personnel, the legislation lays out a balanced strategy to provide the resources we need to sustain the wars of today as well as prepare for the wars of the future.

“This bill is vitally important to our national security and I am proud of the support it provides to our troops and their mission to keep us safe,” said Congressman Smith. “I believe it strikes the right balance between fighting the conflicts of today, while preparing our forces for the challenges of the future.”

The legislation also includes some important provision for Washington State and the 9th Congressional District such as:

  • $184.9 million for military construction projects at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • $65 million for the Department of Defense Impact Aid program, which assists school districts serving the children of families stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
  • Extends TRICARE coverage to cover dependent children up to age 26.
  • $1 billion for 83 new Stryker vehicles, vehicle upgrades, and research and development.
  • $700 million for the separate National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account, for a total of $7.2 billion overall for Guard and Reserve procurement.
  • A provision put forth by Smith requiring Department of Defense to report on the impacts of illegal subsidies related to the KC-X tanker competition and whether such subsidies provided an unfair competitive advantage.  
In general, the NDAA authorizes $726 billion for Fiscal Year 2011 military activities including the Department of Defense, the national security programs of the Department of Energy (DoE), military construction projects, and other defense and military personnel activities related to U.S. national security efforts.

The bill must be approved by the Senate before the President can sign it into law.