Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09) released the following statement today commemorating the one-year anniversary of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona:

“The tragedy that occurred on January 8, 2011 will be remembered for the way it impacted and changed hundreds of lives. It will also be celebrated as a time when people in Tucson and around the country united in a spirit of service to each other that reflected Gabby’s commitment to her community and to our country.

“As we honor the victims whose lives were lost that day, I also hope we remember how important it is to work together to solve our problems, to engage in civil dialogue with those who disagree with us and to realize how important it is when we make an effort to find common ground.

“I offer the families of those who died that day my deepest condolences, and as Gabby continues to show amazing progress in her recovery, I look forward to supporting her when she returns.”