Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) recently introduced legislation in the House of Representatives to improve America’s freight and transportation infrastructure to ensure that it remains competitive and supportive of commerce and economic growth.                              

“As our economy continues to grow and evolve, we must ensure that our country’s infrastructure expands and adapts to meet our economy’s growing needs,” said Congressman Adam Smith. “With commerce and trade expected to become an even greater percentage of our economy, the demand placed on our national infrastructure will only continue to grow. There is a clear demand that requires us to respond to these challenges and this bill will begin to move us in the right direction.”

The National Freight Mobility Infrastructure Act, H.R. 2707, enables our nation to make critical improvements to the U.S. freight mobility network by providing much-needed federal support to vital surface transportation infrastructure projects.  
This legislation generates revenue through a minimal one-percent user fee on the cost of multimodal surface freight transport.  In turn, the funds raised are reinvested back into improving the freight network, including both highways and railways, through a national competitive grant program at the Department of Transportation.

 H.R. 2707 increases the efficiency of freight movement, reduces congestion and delays, assists manufacturing and on-demand product distribution, lessens our nation’s environmental impact, and strengthens our economy.  

 “As Congress takes up surface transportation legislation this year,” Smith added, “I sincerely hope to see federal policy increasingly focus on the freight mobility infrastructure needs that will fuel our businesses and economy for years to come.”