Southeast Seattle Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

Representative Adam Smith submitted the following Community Project Funding request for the Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation.

$750,000 was successfully included in the House Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 appropriations bill.

Each Representative may request funding for up to 15 projects in their community for fiscal year 2023. This does not guarantee the projects will be funded.


“We greatly appreciate Representative Adam Smith's inclusion of our project to build more affordable rental and ownership opportunities for our local families. This investment demonstrates a significant commitment to addressing the displacement of communities of color in a real and tangible way by making sure every family can live in the neighborhood they desire. This funding is already helping us leverage another $400,000 from the community to buy more property and stave off further displacement. We will leverage this seed capital 10 times over and can’t thank you enough for this investment,” said Curtis Brown, Executive Director, Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation.

“Rainier Valley and other neighborhoods in Southeast Seattle – an area home to many low-income communities and communities of color – are experiencing severe displacement and gentrification. I was proud to submit a Community Project Funding request for a project led by the Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation, which will build affordable housing and create homeownership opportunities in the area for BIPOC and middle-income individuals and families. This project will take meaningful action to combat and reverse displacement,” said Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash). “I had the chance to meet with the Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation and visit The Arches Apartments, a complex that the foundation recently fought to keep in the hands of the community, which helped to prevent the potential displacement of residents. I am grateful for the Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation’s leadership and dedication to promote affordable housing in the Ninth District, and I look forward to continuing to support their work.”


The Southeast Seattle Senior Foundation (Brighton Development Group) is re working to build 200 units of affordable housing and 20 condos to increase BIPOC and middle-income home ownership in Southeast Seattle. The Southeast Seattle Foundation owns multiple properties in the area and is aiming to create a new neighborhood that is economically, culturally, and socially mixed, and be one of the only neighborhoods to reverse displacement.

Southeast Seattle and the Rainier Valley continue to face severe threats from displacement and gentrification. This project will not just help build affordable housing, but actively seeks to reverse displacement. The Southeast Seattle Foundation and Brighton Development Group have a proven track record of affordable housing development in the region.