For too long, the United States has underinvested in our infrastructure and transportation system. A safe, reliable, and efficient transportation system is the backbone of the entire economy. Yet many of our roads and bridges have fallen into a state of disrepair and we have not put sufficient resources behind modernizing our transportation system and infrastructure to be more sustainable.

In Congress, we finally took bold action in 2021 to invest a historic amount of money in our nation’s infrastructure and economy through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act doesn’t just make vitally needed investment in our transportation system. It provides historic funding for clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, reliable high-speed broadband, environmental cleanup, and our electric grid. We are already seeing funding from this bill come to communities here in Washington State. Billions of dollars’ worth of projects will bring good-paying jobs, spur economic growth, and improve the everyday lives of people in our communities.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

  • Makes the largest federal investment in public transit ever – $39 billion to modernize and expand public transit options across every state in the country, replace thousands of deficient transit vehicles, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Authorizes $110 billion to repair and rebuild roads and bridges.
  • Delivers clean water to American families and eliminate the nation’s lead service lines.
  • Invests $65 billion in broadband to ensure everyone has access to reliable high-speed internet and lower the cost of internet service.
  • Makes the largest investment in cleaning up legacy pollution in American history – provides $21 billion to clean up Superfund and brownfield sites. These projects will remediate environmental harms, address the legacy pollution that harms the public health of communities, create good-paying union jobs, and advance long overdue environmental justice.
  • Invests $66 billion in passenger rail to create safe, reliable, and climate-friendly alternatives for transit.
  • Provides $65 billion to upgrade our power infrastructure, including thousands of miles of new, resilient transmission lines and grid modernization for a clean energy future.
  • Develops a national network of electric vehicle charging stations with a $7.5 billion investment.
    • Invests $50 billion to enhance the resiliency of our infrastructure and communities against climate change, extreme weather, and cyber-attacks.

The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. As we modernize our transportation system and infrastructure, it’s critical that we transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is just one step. The Inflation Reduction Act passed by Congress in 2022 also includes incentives that will spur the adoption of electric vehicles and bring the manufacturing of these vehicles to the U.S.

I am focused on ensuring that the Ninth District and the entire region is poised to take advantage of the funding opportunities created by legislation like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and annual appropriations bills.

I support funding and policies that build on these landmark pieces of legislation, continue to expand sustainable infrastructure like public transit and electric vehicles, and make our transportation system safer, more reliable, and efficient for everyone.

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