Congressman Adam Smith

Representing the 9th District of Washington


Airplane Noise

In recent years, communities around the SeaTac Airport have come to experience an increased and disproportionate share of noise and other environmental impacts stemming from co

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America's Workers

I firmly believe that America has the hardest working, most talented, and best educated workforce in the world. Our country has been successful because of our excellent workforce, and it will continue to thrive as a result. This is also why I am confident that, moving forward, we will maintain the highest standard of living in the world. Throughout my career, I have consistently fought to safeguard critical worker rights to protect our strong workforce.


In late 2008 our country was thrust into the worst economic crisis in generations. Our economy was on the brink of collapsing, and Congress responded with a number of initiatives to prevent that from happening. We were able to avert a much more serious catastrophe, but we are not out of the woods yet and much more work remains to be done to create good jobs and lower the unemployment rate.
Rep Smith Celebrates MLK Jr. Day

Civil & Constitutional Rights

We need to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens are protected. When the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and equal opportunity are unfairly denied to a person or a group of people, it is the role of the federal government to step in and fulfill the promise of America.
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Criminal Justice

Roadmap for Criminal Justice Reform


It is critical that we set realistic goals to hold schools accountable for providing the education students deserve while taking into consideration the unique challenges that must be overcome in the classroom. Our education system must support and revitalize our public schools instead of labeling them as failing when they are not.

Energy & Environment

I am committed to conserving our natural resources for future generations. Protecting our environment is a priority of mine – and I support legislative efforts that work towards that end. The recent changes in our capacity to access domestic resources have changed the energy and economic landscape in the United States. While I understand the many potential short term upsides that these developments present, we must look to long term environmental realities that we face as a nation, and as a world.

Health Care

Historically, our health care system has cost too much, didn’t cover enough people, and incentivized inefficiencies. Reforms must expand access, reduce the overall amount of money we spend on health care, and promote quality of care over quantity. In order to succeed, real reform continued improvements must be built on these three pillars, without which we will not be able to provide sustainable universal access.


As our nation emerges from a unique and serious economic crisis, a necessary step in stabilizing our economy is shoring up our housing markets. This means keeping qualified homeowners in their homes and reducing the number of foreclosures and houses vacant in the market.
Immigration Services

Immigration Reform

Reforming our immigration system is long overdue. Our current laws, regulations, and enforcement do not recognize the importance of sound immigration policies to our economy and national security. We cannot afford to wait any longer to reform our immigration system in a comprehensive way.

International Leadership & Foreign Affairs

The United States must take a global approach to world leadership, particularly on issues such as global poverty. I support a comprehensive national security approach, fully integrating and resourcing our diplomatic, development, and defense capabilities.
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Local Economy and Business

Several years after our country was thrust into the worst economic crisis in generation, the outlook in Washington State and many areas throughout the United States is gradually improving. Congress responded to the crisis with multiple initiatives to prevent a much deeper economic disaster, but we are not out of the woods yet. There is still much work to do to create good jobs, lower the employment rate, and create the conditions that encourage Washington State businesses to grow.

National Security

As the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am committed to ensuring that our military personnel, veterans, and their families receive the support of our government in return for their years of faithful service. Working to ensure our military families are well cared for will remain my top priority.

Transportation and Infrastructure

I firmly believe that investment in our nation's infrastructure is critical. It provides jobs for thousands, ensures the efficient movement of goods that keeps our economy growing, and ensures the safety of countless lives. That's why for the past four sessions of Congress I've introduced legislation creating a grant program for transportation infrastructure projects.


As the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), I have consistently worked to ensure that our veterans receive the benefits and treatment they deserve for their years of faithful service. These benefits are critical for veterans, retirees, and their dependents, as well as those who are considering a career in the military.