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WASHINGTON, D.C. –Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today released the following statement on the vandalism against his home in Bellevue, Washington regarding the conflict in Israel and Gaza.
“Last night, my house was vandalized by people advocating for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza. This attack is sadly reflective of the coarsening of the political discourse in our country, and is completely unwarranted, unnecessary, and harmful to our political system.
“Throughout the course of my career, my staff and I have continually met with groups from all parts of the political spectrum, including Pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists, and I remain open to meeting with these groups and discussing our differences and where we can come together in a productive and peaceful way. We must engage with politics in this way and reject the rise in political violence that we have witnessed over the past several years.   
“The extremism on both the left and right side of our political spectrum is a threat to a healthy, functioning democracy and has been condoned for far too long. The simple truth is that extremism on both sides is degrading to our political system and must be rooted out for our democracy to be able to persist.
“The world is increasingly complicated and full of tough challenges that require strong leaders. I am committed to taking on these challenges and this act of vandalism has only made me more determined to remain in politics to ensure that we resolve our differences in a peaceful way that truly reflects representative democracy.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) issued the following statement regarding the hostage release in Gaza. 

“I welcome the agreement to secure the release of 50 hostages, including Americans, who were among those abducted by the Hamas terrorist organization during its brutal assault against Israel on October 7th and held captive in Gaza. I am thankful for the efforts of President Biden and his Administration, in partnership with Qatar and Egypt, in securing this agreement, which also provides for an extended humanitarian pause to allow for additional life-saving humanitarian aid to reach innocent civilians in Gaza. The success of this agreement depends upon all parties adhering to the commitments made and ensuring full implementation, and I am hopeful that this will be done. 

“Finally, it’s crucial this agreement serves as a foundation to build on continual progress, including the release of all the remaining hostages and ensuring additional measures are taken to alleviate the humanitarian disaster for civilians in Gaza.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) introduced a resolution celebrating the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), established by Congress to reduce global poverty and promote good governance. Rep. Smith has long advocated for the MCC, helping to secure billions of dollars over the past twenty years to support their work around the world.
“The Millennium Challenge Corporation has had tremendous success over the past 20 years reducing poverty, building sustainable economic growth, and promoting good governance in lower income countries. MCC’s model improves people’s lives in the countries they partner with and promotes stability, resilience, and growth, advancing U.S. global development priorities and national security goals,” said Rep. Adam Smith. “I commend the incredible work of the Millennium Challenge Corporation for the last 20 years and look forward to its continued success.”
“Over the last 20 years Millennium Challenge Corporation has partnered with some of the most underdeveloped nations in the world and successfully reduced poverty and promoted democracy and economic growth. I am grateful to recognize the dedication and hard work of the Millennium Challenge Corporation to better the lives of people around the world while promoting our shared global ideals. Improving the livelihoods of other nations is mutually beneficial to the United States as it improves stability and alliances around the world while increasing trade and economic growth. I want to wish the Millennium Challenge Corporation and all of its dedicated staff over the years a happy anniversary and my best wishes for their continued success,” said Rep. Joe Wilson.
“We’re celebrating more than MCC’s anniversary, we’re commemorating 20 years of impactful solutions that change lives, strengthen democracy, and move us toward a better world. Many thanks to Representatives Smith and Wilson for introducing MCC’s 20th Anniversary Commemorative Resolution, and for their tireless support of MCC. Bipartisan and bicameral Congressional support has empowered MCC to partner with 47 emerging democracies to provide effective, evidence-based foreign assistance. This work is improving the lives of more than 300 million people around the world and delivering security and economic benefits for the American people,” said MCC CEO Alice Albright.
The Millennium Challenge Corporation partners with the world’s poorest countries that are committed to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investing in their populations. MCC provides time-limited grants promoting economic growth, reducing poverty, and strengthening institutions. MCC programs complement other U.S. and international development programs and encourage private sector investment to tackle challenges like agriculture and irrigation, energy, transportation infrastructure, health care, education, and anti-corruption to the benefit of developing countries and U.S. taxpayers.  
The full text of the resolution can be found here.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today introduced the Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act, which would help fund transportation, housing, and childcare stipends, pay for lost hourly wages, and cover certification costs for those enrolled in pre-apprenticeships. The bill would increase access to these programs and ultimately give more people a pathway to good-paying, high-quality jobs. 
“We must work to ensure that folks across the country - whether they go to college or not - have access to good-paying jobs. That means expanding access to high-quality job training programs like pre-apprenticeships that prepare workers for in-demand jobs. The bill I’m introducing today would provide stipends to cover costs associated with pre-apprenticeship programs so that more workers can enroll in and complete these programs,” said Rep. Adam Smith. “The Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act will create more pathways to good-paying, high-quality jobs and give more people a chance at a better life.”
The Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act is endorsed by the Machinists Institute, ANEW, and YouthCare.
Statements of Support for the Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act
“The Machinists Institute is incredibly grateful to Representative Adam Smith for his support of State recognized pre-apprenticeship programs. Pre-Apprenticeship has proven to be one of the most successful strategies to increase access for communities historically excluded from registered apprenticeship pathways. These students often face significant barriers and Rep. Smith’s bill directing the Secretary of Labor to make grants to eligible applicants to provide stipends to individuals enrolled in a pre-apprenticeship program, and for other purposes shows commitment to creating opportunities for individuals to find success in family sustaining, quality jobs and careers, resulting in economic stability for individuals and communities.” – Shana Peschek, Executive Director, Machinists Institute
“Education is the beacon of opportunity, and the Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap Around Support Service Act shines a light on the path forward for ANEW's pre-apprenticeship students facing barriers. This legislation is a vital investment in their future, offering the guidance and resources they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. In unity, we bridge the gap between education and employment, fostering a brighter, more inclusive future for all.” – Karen Dove, Executive Director, ANEW
“We are in strong support of Rep. Smith's Pre-Apprenticeship Wraparound Support Services Fund Act. YouthCare provides services to over 1,500 youth experiencing homelessness annually. And while pre-apprenticeships can provide a strong pathway to economic stability for our young people, being able to complete these programs is often heavily impeded by lack of access to basic needs, including housing, transportation, and childcare. This bill would change that reality by allowing our clients to both work towards a future in a family wage industry, while ensuring that they are able to stabilize and thrive in the present.” – Jessie Friedmann, Director of Public Policy and External Affairs, YouthCare
“Training the next generation of skilled workers through pre-apprenticeships is the key to keeping Washington State a workforce leader in innovation. We need allies like U.S. Representative Adam Smith and his sponsorship of bills such as the Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-around Support Services Fund Act of 2023 to continue this success. This important legislation directs the Secretary of Labor to make grants available to eligible individuals enrolled in pre-apprenticeship programs, eliminating a significant hurdle facing many students enrolled in these programs. Pre-apprenticeships change lives in our communities, often creating pathways to generational, family-wage Union jobs. IAM District 751 will always support legislation ensuring future workers have the tools needed to carry on our great state’s legacy of training the next generation of workers.” – Jon Holden, President, IAM District 751
The Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act will establish a new grant program to fund transportation stipends, pay for lost hourly wages, and cover certification costs for those enrolled in pre-apprenticeships. These grants will expand access to pre-apprenticeships, create new pathways to apprenticeships, and ultimately help hardworking Americans recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.
The Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act:
  • Directs the Secretary of Labor to establish a new grant program which provides stipends to individuals enrolled in pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • Allowable use of stipends includes costs associated with transportation, lost hourly wages, housing, childcare, and certification costs.
  • Eliminates barriers many individuals face when attempting to complete pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • Requires a report to be submitted to the Committee on Education and the Workforce of the House and Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions of the Senate on the progress and outcomes of the grant program.
A fact sheet for the Pre-Apprenticeship Wrap-Around Support Services Fund Act can be found here.
The bill text can be found here.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) today introduced the Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act, which would give grazing permit holders the flexibility to voluntarily waive their permits on federal lands. This legislation will enable smart land-use practices that compensate ranchers at a fair rate and conserve public lands across the country.
“Retiring grazing permits eases grazing pressure on public lands to the benefit of wildlife and surrounding ecosystems, but the current process for ranchers to retire their permits is difficult, confusing, and costly. The legislation I’m introducing today would give ranchers the flexibility to voluntarily waive their grazing permits on federal lands for market value compensation, removing unnecessary hurdles and creating better outcomes for ranchers and public lands,” said Rep. Adam Smith. “The Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act will support America’s ranchers and advance environmental goals reflected in the Biden-Harris Administration’s ‘America the Beautiful’ initiative to conserve and restore our lands, waters, and wildlife.”
“Voluntarily retiring grazing permits to advance conservation goals on public lands shouldn’t be difficult or costly. I’m glad to join Congressman Smith in this legislation to advance conservation and promote smart land-use by giving ranchers the flexibility they need to overcome barriers to voluntary permit retirement,” said Rep. Jared Huffman. “On top of the benefits to permit holders, this will ease grazing pressure on public lands and help natural ecosystems recover and thrive. It’s a win-win-win for taxpayers, ranchers, and the environment.”
The Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act is endorsed by Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, American Bird Conservancy, Wilderness Watch, Western Watersheds Project, Predator Defense, Horses for Life Foundation, Animal Welfare Institute, Center for Biological Diversity, Kettle Range Conservation Group, WildEarth Guardians, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and Oregon Natural Desert Association.
The Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act uses market-based incentives to reduce conflicts on federal public lands and increase flexibility for federal grazing permittees. Current laws and regulations either do not allow for the retirement of grazing permits or else they make the process unnecessarily difficult and uncertain.
The Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act would allow grazing permit holders the option to voluntarily waive their permits to graze on federal lands in exchange for equitable compensation paid by private parties. The federal agency would then be directed to retire the associated grazing allotment from further grazing activity. The legislation would place a cap on the number of permits that can be retired each year.
The Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act would:
  • Give ranchers more options.
  • Create market-based and voluntary conservation opportunities.
  • Reduce conflicts between livestock, recreation, hunting, wildlife, and more.
  • Allow appropriate local response to drought and climate change.
  • Allow for permanent existing conservation agreements to become permanent.
  • Reduce federal government costs, which are not covered by very low grazing fees.
  • Allow soils and vegetation to sequester carbon, especially in marginal grazing land.
  • Reduce conflict with cougars, grizzly bears, wolves, and coyotes.
  • Reduce disease spread between livestock and wildlife (e.g., bighorn sheep).
  • Help create landscape connectivity for wildlife migration corridors.
A fact sheet for the Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act can be found here.
The bill text can be found here.