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Smith Statement Condemning President-Elect Donald Trump's Appointment of Steve Bannon

Washington D.C. – Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Steve Bannon to the White House staff:

November 16, 2016

“I am extremely disturbed that as one of his first decisions as President-elect, Donald Trump has announced his appointment of Steven Bannon as White House Chief Strategist. Mr. Bannon is the Executive Chairman of the website Breitbart News, where he has repeatedly and aggressively pushed stories that promote Anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and racism. Under Mr. Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart has served as a “platform for the alt-right,” a movement that supports White Nationalism and openly rejects the value of diversity.

“Following the President-elect’s announcement, leading white nationalists like former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon David Duke have applauded the news of Mr. Bannon’s appointment. In contrast, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center are strongly opposed to Mr. Bannon’s selection.

“Mr. Bannon’s appointment will serve as a barrier to our country coming together following the election.  As one of President-elect Trump’s top advisors, the White House Chief Strategist will help set the tone for the incoming administration.  The person in this role must be prepared to serve the interests of all Americans, not those of a select few. In recognition of these concerns, I have signed on to a letter, along with 169 of my congressional colleagues which calls on President-elect Trump to rescind his appointment of Mr. Bannon and work to build a diverse White House staff that is committed to the core American values of inclusiveness, diversity, and tolerance.

“I have pledged to hold President-elect Trump accountable from day one, if he continues to divide us as a nation through his appointments to the Presidential Cabinet or through his proposed policies, I pledge to fight him every step of the way.” 

“Veterans Day honors the service and sacrifice of our veterans.  Each November 11th, we commemorate our veterans who have faithfully served our country.  We reflect on the courage and commitment of the brave men and women who protect us and ensure our freedom.  

“Many veterans have chosen to live in the Puget Sound region, and it is my honor to represent them in Congress.  It is Congress’ responsibility to provide access to quality benefits, assistance programs, and medical treatment upon separation from the Armed Forces.  We must focus on ensuring that the brave men and women who serve our country come home to family-wage, quality job opportunities, and receive the care and support they deserve.  As the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), I consistently work to ensure that our veterans receive the benefits and treatment they have earned for their years of faithful service.  These benefits are critical for veterans, retirees, and their dependents, as well as those who are considering a career in the military.

“After leaving the military, servicemembers continue to give back to our community.  As first responders, educators, engineers, doctors, and small business owners, veterans positively impact our region when they transition into civilian life.  It is our shared responsibility as Americans to show our veterans our enormous gratitude and respect.” 

Congressman Adam Smith Statement on President-Elect Trump

Washington D.C. – Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement regarding President-elect Donald Trump:

November 10, 2016

“President-elect Trump ran the most bitter, divisive, and negative presidential campaign in history.  Now he claims he wants to change his tone. For the sake of our country, I hope he does. 

“From day one, I will do everything I can to hold President-elect Trump and his administration accountable. I would like to see his agenda create good jobs, increase equality and equity, and respect the rights of all Americans; particularly women, communities of color, LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, and immigrants. However, if he continues to divide us as a nation, I will fight him every step of the way.”

“I am saddened by the tragic news that State Senator Andy Hill has passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. Senator Hill was a leader in our region, working across the aisle to increase opportunities for students during his career in public service. I offer my deepest condolences to Senator Hill's family and friends, and my thanks for his dedication to Washington state throughout his life." 

Congressman Adam Smith Introduces Legislation to Increase Competition in the Generic Pharmaceutical Market

Washington D.C. – On September 28, 2016, Congressman Adam Smith introduced the Eliminate Price Increases Act, a bill that will improve the process for drug applications to help keep medical treatments affordable:

October 5, 2016

“Under current law, pharmaceutical companies holding a patent for a drug can develop, distribute, and market what is known as an Authorized Generic (AG) through a privileged process provided in the Hatch-Waxman Act (PL 98-417) that allows the brand-name company to introduce and begin sales of a generic product, rather than going through the ‘Abbreviated New Drug Application’ process that third-party generics must pursue. An AG may artificially crowd the generic market for a given drug because it is exempted from a third party generic producer’s market exclusivity period, which is intended to encourage third party pharmaceutical companies to compete in the generic market.

“The opportunity to advance an AG is a benefit afforded only to the brand-name drug company. A 2011 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study found that AGs harm the generic market in the long-term. In addition, some argue that the practice of allowing AGs can incentivize brand-name drug price increases separate from any changes in supply or demand. This inequitable system can hurt patients and dissuade competition. My bill, the Eliminate Price Increases Act, H.R. 6284, would simply prohibit a company that holds the patent for a brand-name pharmaceutical product from also introducing an AG.

“Recently, those with severe allergies saw a dramatic increase in the price of a life-saving drug, the EpiPen. When a pharmaceutical company dramatically increases the price of a brand-name drug, many families and consumers may be forced to rely on less ideal or potentially riskier options such as using expired medications. It is critical that we keep life-saving medical devices and drugs affordable for American families. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to enact policies that will help keep necessary medical treatments within reach for all those who need them.”