Press Releases

House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith made the following statement in response to the President’s action in Iraq:
“The rapidly evolving situation in Iraq is deeply troubling. The current situation is a product of President al-Maliki’s failure to create an inclusive government and it will only end when he makes the difficult political choices necessary to unify Iraq. If he fails in this regard, the future of Iraq will be in serious question. That is why President Obama is correct in pressuring the Iraqis to think beyond military action.
 “That said, the United State maintains a significant national security interest in ensuring that ISIS does not take power in Iraq. We also should not get involved in another land war in the Middle East. We have spent enough in both lives and money. There are no easy options, but given the difficulties and what is at stake, the President’s strategy balances these vital interests, which is why I support the President’s plan to support the Iraqis with intelligence, training, and counterterrorism and operational support.
“It is important to understand that there are two separate battles taking place in Iraq: there is the political rift between the Sunnis, Shia and the Kurds and there is a foreign extremist group – ISIS – trying to take advantage of the political environment through violence. If the Iraqis can resolve their political differences, it will be far more difficult for ISIS to thrive. Moving forward, we should continue to evaluate additional steps to help combat ISIS as we see what the Iraqis are willing to do politically, but we must also firmly guard against mission creep.”
Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement on the announcement that President Obama will sign an executive order on LGBT discrimination:

“I applaud President Obama for taking action on an executive order that will prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  It is a critical step forward in protecting LGBT workers in the workplace, and a change that I urged the President to make in a letter I signed to him.  In many states, a person can legally be fired or denied a job simply because who they are, or are perceived to be, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender individual.  This is unfair and wrong.
“Along with the President, the Senate has also acted to protect LGBT workers by passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  Yet, Speaker Boehner has refused to bring ENDA to a vote on the House floor.  I am a cosponsor of ENDA in the House and continue to urge its passage.  No one should be denied rights because of who they love, and I will continue to fight for LGBT equality.”
House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith made the following statement on the situation in Iraq:

“It is important to remember that the conflict taking place in Iraq and Syria and other countries in the region is not new. It is not the result of a failed policy – it is the result of a longstanding sectarian conflict.  A political solution is necessary to bring peace and the Iraq government must engage in a process that includes more than bullets.  There is a desperate need for political outreach by the Maliki government to Sunnis. Military action without this outreach is doomed to fail.  Iraqi political leaders have to make the hard choices that they have avoided for years. Their future depends on it.
“As we consider our options to respond to the situation in Iraq, I encourage the Administration to maintain a sense of caution and fully consider the effects that a military strike may have. Certainly, should options be present to improve security in Iraq for the people of Iraq and to ensure our national security, the President should fully consider those options. But it is important to remember that military force alone cannot bring peace. For years, we maintained a  significant military presence in Iraq and there was widespread unrest and conflict.  U.S military action in a Muslim nation is not always a calming force.

“The United States should continue to support the Iraqis with military aid, training, and intelligence support, but that alone cannot remedy the situation. The Iraqis must stand and fight for the security of their country.  And the United States should provide support in any way that helps to bring peace.”
Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement after he voted against passage of the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations (T-HUD) bill:
“I opposed the T-HUD Appropriations bill because it lacked critical investments in our infrastructure and failed to provide funding for essential housing programs for low and middle income workers.  The legislation slashes funding transportation initiatives such as TIGER grant programs that encourage local communities to create innovative transit, port, and rail projects to meet the needs of their region.  Additionally, the bill would cut funding for states and localities to expand affordable housing and down payment assistance for qualified homebuyers, and does nothing restore the 40,000 Section 8 rental vouchers lost to sequestration.  Congress needs to pass legislation that expands economic opportunity and creates jobs, but unfortunately this legislation fails to provide the investments necessary to do so.”

Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement recognizing LGBT Pride Month:
“This month, we commemorate LGBT Pride Month by celebrating the incredible contributions of the LGBT community as well as the progress our country has made towards equal rights.  It is also an important time to recognize that we still have a lot of challenges.  Without passing a national Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), many LGBT individuals can still be fired or denied a job opportunity simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Also, same-sex couples are often denied spousal Social Security benefits because states they live in do not recognize their marriages.  No one should be denied rights because of who they love, and in Congress I will continue to fight to ensure that all LGBT individuals receive equal rights.”