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“After 17 days, the Saudis have finally come forward admitting Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed. Their claim that ‘quarrels and an altercation’ resulted in his death is a pitiful cover up. If this was just a fist fight gone wrong, why did the Saudis say the next day that Khashoggi had left the consulate? If this was just the result of an altercation, where is the body? And, most importantly, why after 17 days do so many questions about his murder remain unanswered?

"Instead of standing up to this blatant fabrication and assault on the freedom of press, President Trump has once again buckled when United States leadership in the world is needed. His acceptance of the Saudi’s statement as the truth is nothing less than full throated support for brutal authoritarian dictatorship as the best form of government. Trump’s failure to stand up to this atrocity denigrates the words of our Constitution, the freedoms we stand for as a country, and the values of democracy. It sends a message to people around the world that this administration will not defend freedom or the free press, but will blindly follow the lead of authoritarian regimes.”

"We have a moral obligation to make clear to the entire world that, while President Trump may buckle in the face of such a horrific act, Congress and the American people will not sit silently.”

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement in response to reports that the Trump Administration is considering using West Coast military installations and federal properties to export coal and natural gas:

“I am extremely concerned with reports that the Trump administration may be considering the use of military bases to ship coal and gas. This is a clear attempt to circumvent environmental oversight and protections. The Trump Administration is once again using national security as an excuse to drive their short-sighted agenda. The reality that this administration refuses to act on, however, is that climate change is one of the gravest national security threats facing this country. In 2017, I led my colleagues passing into law legislation that acknowledges climate change is a national security threat.

“Exporting coal and gas through Department of Defense military bases or lands will do nothing to help address the impacts of climate change or benefit the energy resiliency of Department of Defense installations. In fact, turning our military bases into export terminals could be an encroachment risk and potentially harm military training, operations, and readiness. We need Congress and this administration to treat climate change for what it is – a threat to our national security and to the wellbeing of this country. As Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee, I will work with my colleagues to hold this administration accountable for these actions and the risks they pose for our environment and national security.”


As attacks on the press have proliferated in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other countries around the world, the disappearance and possible death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is deeply alarming. If the reports detailing the involvement of the Saudi government are true, the United States should not be afraid to take bold action to demonstrate to the world that we will not stand by in the face of such an appalling violation of international human rights.
For too many individuals, the barriers to receiving an education or obtaining the skills needed to succeed in this economy are insurmountable. The financial burden often goes beyond just the costs of tuition. Costs related to child care, transportation, or housing can have as much of a burden on individuals looking to gain the skills and education they need to succeed.
The BUILD Act will significantly improve our capacity to reduce poverty and inequality around the world. It’s vital that the U.S. be at the forefront of helping communities around the world to address their development and humanitarian challenges. Supporting economic growth in less developed countries promotes health, peace, and stability that is critical to our national security,” said Congressman Adam Smith. “This new development finance institution strengthens the ability of the United States to promote sustainable, broad-based development projects in countries around the world.