Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) released the following statement after President Biden released his FY2022 budget.

“As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, income inequality continues to grow and many Americans still struggle to find job opportunities, put food on the table for their families, and get the health care they need. Building a thriving, inclusive economy demands a major investment in workers, families, and innovative, sustainable solutions to some of our biggest challenges. President Biden’s budget makes clear his priorities to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st century, support individuals and families by increasing investments in critical social programs, and take long-overdue action to address climate change.

“The budget President Biden laid out today would expand economic opportunities for all Americans through policies that fund child care, expand and improve the earned income tax credit and child tax credit, and increase access to education and job training. Historic and systemic disinvestment in these federal programs disproportionately harms the same communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic – working people, those with low incomes, and communities of color. By investing in education, modernizing infrastructure and the electrical grid, broadband expansion, advancing comprehensive immigration reform, and addressing the climate crisis, this budget helps create equitable opportunities and lays the foundation for a more prosperous future for all Americans.

“Americans understand that the economy left far too many people behind even before the pandemic. As we reach an inflection point following the success of the American Rescue Plan, we cannot afford to return to the status quo of what was not working. I am committed to working with my colleagues to build off of the President’s vision to enact policies that promote economic opportunity, reduce income inequality, and create jobs following one of the most consequential and difficult years in history.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) issued the following statement after visiting the Seattle Fire Department to discuss the award-winning Health One Program and its impact on the community.

“The Health One program saves lives and helps countless members of the community,” said Congressman Smith. “This program ensures that dedicated, specially-trained professionals are available to provide care for our individuals experiencing non-emergency medical or mental health issues. I want to thank the Seattle Fire Department for hosting me and I’m proud to have submitted a Community Project Funding request for Health One to the House Appropriations Committee intending to help expand this vital program. We must continue to support public safety alternatives like Health One which allow our first responders to focus on emergency situations they are trained to handle and ensure better-suited professionals can help those in need.”

Congressman Smith submitted a Community Project Funding request for Health One Expansion in Seattle which would add capacity to Seattle’s existing Health One program to respond to referrals and nonviolent emergency 911 calls with behavioral health professionals and crisis care management teams. Health One is oriented toward service to under-represented communities and individuals who struggle to access health and social services – another response team would allow Health One to reach an additional 1,000 individuals through referrals each year.

The current Health One program, and similar diversion programs for non-violent 911 calls, have demonstrated success in providing more appropriate behavioral and mental health support than traditional 911 response, reducing unnecessary calls to the police, and improving emergency response by providing long term solutions and services to people in need.

Earlier this year, Congressman Smith introduced the 911 Diversion to Unarmed Personnel Act, which would provide funding for unarmed 911 response programs that divert nonviolent 911 calls to specialized service providers like Health One. These diversion programs will help ensure that individuals who are experiencing addiction crises, homelessness, or developmental or intellectual disability, or other mental health issues are met with professional service providers capable of providing screening, assessment, de-escalation, and transportation to immediately necessary treatment.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement on the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

“I am relieved to see a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, a vital first step to ensuring no more Israeli or Palestinian lives are lost. The United States must support efforts to relieve the resulting humanitarian crisis and help prevent this vicious cycle of violence from resuming. We must work with Israel, the Palestinians, the UN, and other countries in the region towards a two-state solution and a lasting, durable peace for all Palestinians and Israelis.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed H.Res. 275, Condemning Horrific Shootings in Atlanta/Reaffirming Our Commitment to Combat Hate and Violence Against AAPI Community, a resolution on which he is a cosponsor.

“The horrific surge in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during the pandemic is unacceptable. On the heels of the spike in anti-Asian attacks due to misinformation and xenophobia, the shooting at three Asian-owned spas left 8 dead including 6 Asian American women. I’m proud to join my colleagues in condemning the heinous and inexcusable acts of gun violence that led to this tragic loss in Georgia in March.

“Today, we honor the memory of the victims, offer our condolences to their families, and stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community through this difficult healing process for all who were impacted. It's incumbent upon all of us to speak out against hate and violence directed at the Asian American community, and this resolution reaffirms the commitment of the federal government to combat hate, bigotry, and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3233, the National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act.

“On January 6, 2021, Members of Congress were voting to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election when a mob breached the U.S. Capitol following then-President Trump’s rally to march. The violence resulted in hundreds of injuries to D.C. and U.S. Capitol Police officers and the death of an officer and four civilians. Several officers have taken their own lives since the insurrection, and countless are still struggling with their mental and physical wellbeing in aftermath of that day.

“It is appalling that some Congressional Republicans, the former President, and others want to deny the realities of what happened on January 6. In addition, many of these same Republican leaders continue to perpetuate lies about the 2020 election, denying its legitimacy and undermining faith in the electoral process. A commission will help us better understand what happened on and leading up to January 6, but it is also crucial that Republican leaders finally acknowledge the reality of the insurrection on January 6 and the outcome of the free and fair election in 2020.

“H.R. 3233 will establish a 9/11-style commission comprised of ten bipartisan experts appointed by House and Senate leadership to investigate the causes of the January 6th attack on the Capitol. The commission’s report will provide a full understanding of the facts of January 6 and the influences that led to the assault so we can help ensure it never happens again.  

“This assault by extremists on the U.S. Capitol was a criminal act aimed at undermining and ending our democracy as we know it. While some of my colleagues continue to deny the seriousness of the attack on the Capitol, this commission is an honest effort to better understand and prevent future attacks like January 6.”