Press Releases

Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement on the President’s proposal to increase the overtime threshold from $23,660 to $50,440:

“I applaud the President for taking action to extend overtime pay protections.  This proposal will allow 5 million American workers to take home the money they have earned.  The overtime threshold has not been raised in decades, and in the meantime income inequality has increased and average workers have been feeling squeezed.  Now, the bottom 90 percent of Americans own just 23 percent of total U.S. wealth.

“We must be doing more to invest in the worker to build a strong middle class.  I will continue to work and advocate for policies that respect workers and the dignity of work. This change by President Obama is a step in the right direction.”

House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith made the following statement after the extension of Iran nuclear negotiations:

"Preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is a vitally important national security priority in the Middle East and negotiating a good deal remains our best avenue to do so.  As negotiations have been extended, it is critical that we build on an acceptable framework that has strong inspection and verification components.  This is our opportunity to block all of Iran's paths to a nuclear weapon while avoiding military action.  As such, we must let the process play out.  I will continue to closely monitor negotiations and look forward to reviewing a final deal when it is reached."

Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement after the Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges: 

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is a victory for justice and equality.  Ensuring marriage equality for all Americans regardless of who they love strengthens families, communities, and our nation as a whole.   I stand with the LGBT community and the rest of our country in celebrating this monumental step towards equality.  

“Today, we celebrate this victory, but we must remain committed to fighting for LGBT equality.  Despite the ruling today, significant work remains to ensure equal rights to the LGBT community.  LGBT people are still denied work, bulled in our schools, and homelessness and poverty rates are still unacceptably high among LGBT people.  I will continue to advocate and fight for policies that ensure equality and justice for the LGBT community.”

Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement in support of Trade Adjustment Assistance:

“I voted in support of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) today because it allows workers in my district and across the country to access critical support to compete in our global economy. Those who are impacted from increased competition deserve to be retrained so they can reenter the job market. TAA will expire on September 30 and unless it is reauthorized, our workers will no longer have access to this assistance.

“Although I supported the bill, this is not the best reauthorization legislation the House could consider.  Unlike the TAA bill that I introduced with Ranking Member Levin earlier this year, today’s bill has several shortcomings, including one of critical concern.  This legislation cuts funding for worker training from $575 million to $450 million at a time when we are expanding markets and transforming our economy.  Should this funding not be sufficient, I hope the Administration is prepared to work with Congress to provide additional resources with the same vigor they’ve invested in passing TPA.

“Although I am glad to see that we are no longer paying for this program by cutting funds from Medicare, I remain disappointed that this bill does not qualify public sector workers for Trade Adjustment Assistance.  They are an important part of our workforce and should be able to qualify for access to the same services. 

“Our nation's economy and success depend on our workers.  Over the last decade, I have been a strong supporter of Trade Adjustment Assistance and have led the effort to protect, extend, and enhance the program.  Despite this bill being imperfect, I believe in this program and will continue this fight for good jobs, to ensure American workers can provide for their families, and that our country remains competitive.”

Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s revised plan to limit family detention:

“The Department of Homeland Security’s revised plan for family detention again fails to address the real issue. We must end family detention, not mend it.  Jailing children and mothers has devastating impacts on these families and in order to truly fix this problem we must implement more sensible, humane, and cost-effective alternatives to detention.  Our government must get out of the business of detaining families.”