Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today issued the following statement on the House passage of a War Powers Resolution to limit the President’s military action regarding Iran:

“Today’s passage of the War Powers Resolution was an important step by Congress to reassert our Constitutional authority over war. For too long, Congress has been effectively sidelined when it comes to committing U.S. Armed Forces to military action. That must change. This Resolution also sends a strong message to the Administration that Congress and the American people do not want war with Iran. It is critical for the Trump Administration to prioritize diplomacy. It is not in our national interest to be at war with Iran, and I will continue to urge the President and his team to do everything they can to show restraint and prevent further escalation.”


WASHINGTON, D.C.  House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today issued the following statement in response to the recent United States kinetic action in Iraq.

“I have grave concerns about the chain of events leading to the direct action that resulted in the death of Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force. I remain troubled about the impact this action will have on the safety and security of United States’ personnel and assets in the region. Rather than calming the strained tensions in the region, this action will only accelerate the cycle of violent escalation.

“I do not want an open war with Iran, and neither do the American people. However, the absence of a coherent strategy has strained an already tense relationship between Washington and Tehran. It appears that in lieu of a strategy, the Trump Administration has chosen military escalation.

“The Administration must clearly articulate how this action, and potential future actions, will protect U.S. global interests while ensuring the safety and security of our personnel in the region and worldwide. The American people deserve to know why President Trump has brought us to the brink of another war, and under what authority.”


WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement today regarding House passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“The USMCA I voted to support today is the product of a year of work by Congressional Democrats to put forward something to build on as we work to shift our trade agreements to prioritize workers and the environment.

“Democrats made positive steps, especially in regard to labor standards and enforcement, that can help us move towards a trading system that puts workers, labor rights, and fair economic policies first.

“I have long been critical of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) program, which gives companies a private right of action to sue countries to settle business disputes but no such avenue for labor or environmental disputes. This agreement nearly eliminates ISDS, putting us on a path to prevent its inclusion in future trade agreements. In addition to strengthening labor standards, the USMCA also includes, for the first time, an enforcement mechanism specifically for labor and establishes an independent review body to ensure Mexico is implementing labor reforms and complying with obligations.

“Let me be clear, however, that USMCA is far from perfect. This agreement leaves a lot to be done on environmental and climate-related provisions. President Trump and Senate Republicans continue to ignore the threat of climate change against the urging of Congressional Democrats and the American people. A future Administration must prioritize strong climate change provisions in trade agreements that reflect the urgency of this worldwide crisis. It is unacceptable that the Trump Administration ignores the overwhelming evidence of climate change and refuses to take the necessary actions for the environment.

“As a lifelong resident of Washington State, I have seen firsthand the importance of trade for workers and the economy. I have also seen the impacts of job outsourcing and wage stagnation on middle class families. Trade agreements cannot be looked at in isolation. Fixing trade agreements alone will not address the income inequality and vanishing middle class that plagues workers and our economy. President Trump’s tax cuts have incentivized outsourcing and benefited corporations and the wealthy at the expense of workers and their families.

“We need to restructure our tax code, trade agreements, and public policies to reverse this growing problem, and I believe the USMCA is a step in the right direction.”


WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement today on the two articles of impeachment against President Trump:

“After careful consideration of the evidence and witness testimony, I plan to vote in support of both articles of impeachment against President Trump. Accountability is a central tenet of our democracy, and in this solemn moment, it is crucial that Congress sends a strong and clear message that President Trump—and all presidents who follow him—will be held accountable and will not be given a free pass to abuse the presidency for personal gain.

“We must uphold the ideals of our republic against this test of our democratic resilience. We cannot ignore the evidence before us, and we cannot allow our vision to be clouded by partisanship. We must uphold our country’s values.

“As always, I will vote with the interests of the constituents of Washington’s Ninth District at the top of my mind. They deserve better than a president who actively undermines our electoral process and repeatedly jeopardizes our national security. They deserve a president who respects, rather than corrupts, his or her office. This president has defied our system of checks and balances by ignoring congressional subpoenas and obstructing Congress. By pressuring a foreign government to investigate a political opponent, he has blatantly abused the power of the presidency. His actions fly in the face of the democracy that our founding fathers boldly established and that our uniformed men and women work dutifully to secure every day.

“Since the launch of the impeachment inquiry, I have read messages from my constituents, heard their questions at town halls, and met with them in our community. On countless occasions, I have heard deep concerns about the damage this president has done to our country; I have also heard from constituents who oppose impeachment. I want all my constituents to know that my decision to vote for articles of impeachment was not a political one, and I will continue my work on issues that are important to our congressional district—from reigning in the costs of health care and medications to addressing the affordable housing shortage to enhancing and expanding infrastructure. Representing and advocating for those in Washington’s Ninth Congressional District is not a responsibility I take lightly. In order to fulfill this duty, I will continue working to secure fairness, integrity, and accountability in our government.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement after voting to pass H.R. 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which will help lower the cost of prescription drugs and level the playing field for American patients who are paying more for medication than patients in other countries.

“The costs of prescription drugs have been an increasing burden on individuals and families, forcing many to choose between their medications and basic needs such as paying rent or putting food on the table. Today’s passage of H.R. 3 is a necessary and bold step to reduce prescription drug prices, expand access to care for Medicare beneficiaries, and invest in the health of our communities.

“H.R. 3 will give Medicare the power to negotiate directly and transparently with drug companies and ensure those prices are available to plans outside of Medicare. The legislation also sets a cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries and limits the ability for pharmaceutical companies to drastically raise prices. In addition to dramatically reducing prescription drug prices, H.R. 3 invests drug costs savings into Medicare beneficiaries and the health of our communities. The bill would finally add coverage of dental, vision, and hearing benefits to Medicare and make significant investments in biomedical research, maternal health, the opioid crisis, and Community Health Centers.

“House Democrats continue to fulfill our commitment to work hard for the people and pass legislation that will have a positive impact on the lives of everyday people.