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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $1,680,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the Eastrail Wilburton Critical Crossing in King County.

“Our growing regional trail network benefits people, the economy, and our environment,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “I want to thank Congressman Smith for supporting this north-south regional trail from Renton through Bellevue’s Wilburton neighborhood, including connections to Sound Transit light rail, as well as investments in Eastrail – the 42-mile corridor that links Renton with Woodinville.”  

The Eastrail Wilburton Critical Crossing Project will develop a high-quality signalized crossing at a complex road crossing. The includes a new traffic signal to allow safe crossing of SE 1st Street in Bellevue. This crossing is a missing link that would connect already-funded segments of trail to the north and south and is anticipated to support public use rivaling that of any other trail segment in the regional trail system.  Once complete, this project would allow connection of the last gap in a continuous 12-mile section of the Eastrail trail—an uninterrupted 42-mile trail that will connect the eastside communities of Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, Snohomish, and Redmond. The Eastrail trail is anticipated, once fully connected, to become the most heavily used trail in the regional trail system. 

Eastrail is a critical piece of the Puget Sound region's transportation strategy to increase multi-model options to help manage congestion and growth. This project is located in the Wilburton Area, a key area for redevelopment and growth near the City of Bellevue's downtown core, hospital district, light rail line, and the Bel-Red Corridor (a two-mile-long series of compact, mixed-use transit-accessible neighborhoods currently being developed). In addition to providing expanded options for recreation and commuting, the trail segment also connects to two Sound Transit light rail stations—the Wilburton Station and East Main Station in Bellevue—as well as the South Kirkland Park and Ride, offering convenient options for multi-modal transportation across the region.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $1,270,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the City of Tukwila’s 42nd Ave S Bridge Replacement Project.

“The City of Tukwila appreciates Congressman Smith’s understanding of how critical the replacement of the 42nd Avenue Bridge is for Tukwila and surrounding communities,” said City of Tukwila Mayor Allan Ekberg. “This vital piece of infrastructure serves not only the Allentown neighborhood and as a key east-west crossing over the Duwamish river, but is also the current route into the BNSF intermodal yard, which supports freight going in and out of the Port of Seattle.  We are hopeful that the House infrastructure bill is ultimately successful and, with this member-directed funding from Congressman Smith, the City will continue toward 100% design of the new bridge with the goal of beginning construction in 2024.” 

This project funding would help support the final design of the replacement of the existing 42nd Ave S steel truss bridge in Tukwila, WA.  If the bridge were to fail, 10,300 vehicles per day (based on 2018 Traffic Counts) would be impacted, including 3,000 trucks that would no longer be able to access the BNSF intermodal rail yard as it is the preferred and safest access for trucks. The 42nd Ave South Bridge is a critical link in the freight network on a local and regional scale as goods and products are shipped and moved cross country to freight hubs. These rail networks carry international and domestic cargo to inland markets, serve the Port of Seattle to the north and the Port of Tacoma to the south. Restricted access or failure of the bridge would be a major detriment to freight movement and have significant economic impacts on the region.

The 42nd Ave South Bridge Replacement Project would improve equity in the region by offering safe access for pedestrians to reach public transportation, the Tukwila Community Center, trails, and local businesses. The bridge also serves pedestrians and cyclists as the southern connection of the Green River trail and provides access to the Tukwila Community Center, a local hub for classes and cultural events, and the Allentown neighborhood. It is also the main route for vehicles and pedestrians from Allentown to reach the Tukwila Park and Ride, which is the closest public transportation option.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $1,000,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the Bellevue Transit Center Safety and Connectivity Project.

“On behalf of Bellevue residents and the City Council, I want to thank Congressman Smith for his role in the decision by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to allocate $1 million for the Bellevue Transit Center Safety and Connectivity Project,” said City of Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson. “With the transit center located across the street from the future light rail station in downtown Bellevue, creating a safe and seamless connection between them for people who walk, roll and bicycle is absolutely critical. This funding will help us do that and more. With rapid growth expected downtown, literally millions of transit riders each year will benefit from the investment. I whole-heartedly urge the full Congress to pass the infrastructure package of which this funding is a part.”

This project will reconstruct the intersections at both ends of the downtown Bellevue Transit Center and the new light rail station to improve safety and access for people walking, rolling, and bicycling.

This project is urgently needed before light rail service begins in Bellevue in 2023 to accommodate anticipated growth and facilitate safe, convenient, and accessible transfers between bus and light rail services. It increases safety for people walking, rolling and bicycling, supporting Bellevue’s Vision Zero strategy and goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injury collisions.

The project promotes public transit by facilitating convenient and accessible transfers between modes. This will maximize public benefit from the region’s $3.7 billion investment in the East Link light rail system and the region’s transit system. When complete, the project will provide a seamless bike and pedestrian connection between the downtown Bellevue light rail station and Bellevue Transit Center that are separated by 110th Avenue NE, the most active bicycle and pedestrian corridor in the City.

The project will support planned growth in downtown Bellevue as employers add 25,000 new jobs by 2025. Overall, this project will cultivate vibrant pedestrian environments that connect employees to local restaurants, retail, transit, entertainment, and other essential services.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $2,000,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the Puyallup Avenue Transit/Complete Street Improvements Project in the City of Tacoma.

“The Puyallup Avenue corridor improvements in Tacoma will bring this segment of crucial infrastructure into the 21st century,” said City of Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards. “Our plan to renovate the roadway to accommodate multi-modal transportation, mass transit, and heavy haul traffic all in one facility will help facilitate transit-oriented development near Tacoma Dome Station, while also addressing freight needs serving the Port of Tacoma. The City of Tacoma is excited to see our project included in this important legislation and we thank Congressman Smith for being our champion.”

This project would reconstruct 1.2 miles of Puyallup Avenue from S. C Street to Portland Avenue, to include heavy haul asphalt and concrete pavement, new signals, bicycle facilities, sidewalks/curb ramps, crosswalks, lighting, and other complete street elements. As this project supports one of the largest Transit Oriented Districts in the State, it will include Tacoma’s first HOV/Transit lane running eastbound from Pacific Avenue to Portland Avenue.

The Tacoma Dome Transit Station, located on Puyallup Avenue, provides connections with Sound Transit (Express buses, Tacoma LINK Light Rail, the Sounder Express train, and the future light rail to Sea-Tac airport, Pierce Transit, Greyhound, Intercity Transit, and Amtrak). Project improvements will support access to these local, regional, and nationwide services.

The project will provide defined and planned multi-modal access across the corridor. This includes providing bicycle facilities and bicycle signals where there are none today, widened sidewalks, improved ADA access, pedestrian scale lighting, and improved pedestrian movement at both signalized and uncontrolled and mid-block crossings. These facilities will tie into local and regional facilities that serve the city, Port of Tacoma, and multi-county trail systems.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $1,800,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the Seattle Department of Transportation's Georgetown to South Park Connection.

“The Georgetown and South Park communities have outlined that their number one transportation priority is a walkable, bikeable community,” said City of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. “Right now, these two communities are among the Seattle region’s most culturally vibrant and diverse neighborhoods yet lack access to easily accessible connections. We are thankful to Rep. Smith for making the Georgetown to South Park Connection a part of the Invest in America Act.”

This project would establish a pedestrian and bike connection from the business district in the Georgetown neighborhood to the business district in the South Park neighborhood. The route was determined through community input and outreach and is now ready for engineering assessment. The connection is to be made up of a combination of protected bike lanes and shared-use pathways.

This project connects two communities that are less than 2 miles apart, that share community resources such as a library, community center, and senior center. Currently, there is no continuous facility for citizens to walk or bike between these two Duwamish Valley neighborhoods that are heavily impacted by air pollution and the Duwamish River superfund site. These communities will benefit greatly from a new walking and biking facility to help offset emissions from automobiles, provide families with a new health and recreational opportunity, and provide a safe connection for those who cannot drive to access services they need.  

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